LumaIII, Inc. will only ship to countries outside the USA as long as UPS/USPS provides us tracking updates through the destination country.

LumaIII, Inc. is NOT responsible for import taxes, duties, tariffs, or any other import taxes that may be later applied.

LumaIII,Inc. will NOT declare your product on the customs form as a gift, nor will we mark down the value of the product.

If you are requesting shipment via USPS:

  • Do to newly enforced laws regulating shipping lithium ion batteries, we are only allowed to ship 1 battery per product. International shipments via USPS have been adjusted to a flat rate $25 USD, since you will only be receiving one battery.

If you are requesting shipment via UPS:

  • You will receive two batteries with your product.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, if you would like to purchase additional batteries for your product, please look for a 9V lithium ion battery that is rated for 600mAh.