Submitted by Pablo Prado @Kandynchrome
“Makes 100% difference, especially when spraying Kandy or any metallic basecoat. The Aurora illuminates and highlights any blotchiness as you are spraying allowing you to go back and make adjustments before the final clear. I’m never spraying without it. The Aurora is worth every penny!

Submitted by Waterhouse Rich
“I don’t have to deal with shadows like door jam areas. You can see the atomization of your color better. You can see your overlap, most beneficial when clearing. It can help better your technique and utilize product better. User-friendly, easy to use and clean. I will NOT clear coat without my #LumaLight. Using the Aurora makes my painting easier. I don’t have to judge my wetness, color-matching, or coverage. I’m a Luma III technician because I believe in professional work with professional products!”

Submitted by Matthew Lugo in Florida
“Luma light (Aurora) is the best product in the automotive industry! Aurora helps with seeing the exact transparency in colors when laying kandys, making the custom job exactly what you expect. High quality product that will pay for itself instantly-get yours now!”

Submitted by Toshi Lu

Adam Stone

Ryan Evans from Counts Kustoms

Submitted by Brandon “Majestics” Esparza from Brandon’s designs
“Brandon’s designs here and I’m a custom painter. I do custom flake and kandy paint job patterns. Luma III’s Aurora provides me amazing illumination to see every detail up close. The #LumaLight helps for spots that booth lights can’t get reach. This product is a definite must have for business or personal use”.

Danny “D” Galvez
“Its awesome! You can see pearls, kandys, clear coat, and metal flakes, its important because I do a lot of custom paint. The #LumaLight has saved me hundreds of times shooting with blacks. If you miss a small spot, this product will help you find it WHILE painting and ensure full coverage.”

Eric Scarlett
“Using the #LumaLight helps me see the exact transparency in colors when laying down my kandys. Making EVERY custom job exactly what you expect…Perfection at its best!”

Submitted by Walter Akzonobel, certified painter
“The #LumaLight is hands down a must have, with or without a well lit booth. You can clearly see it go from a solid black to a crazy metallic just by the shine of the light. If it wasn’t for the #LumaLight, I wouldn’t have been able to tell how my metallics laid out until I took my painted parts outside in the sun. Luma III, A+ for the product!”